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Winding Up Order Granted

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on April 13 2024

Winding Up Order Granted
On 19th March, the winding up order have been granted in the Liverpool Court against Kate McIver Skin and we are sorting out the Official Receiver to close them down permanently! The business bank account have been frozen since early March.
What a journey, in 2018 I agreed to sell Kate Eleanor McIver my Elixir formula for £75,000 despite the fact that her investor friend offered £100,000 for it. Out of women solidarity, I decided to take £25,000 less to support another women/mum!
Despite my generosity, KM asked another manufacturer to crack my formula and produce 2 copycat serums (#secretweaponoriginal & #secretweaponlimitededition). Basically she decided to take it from another woman for NOTHING and have these copycat formulas patented being the creator.
Then, she terminated our working relationship with immediate effects and the very next day launched the copycat serum via Liverpool Echo News, my local newspaper not hers, as she lived in Chester. How humiliating for me to find out about this via friends and customers that KM created my Elixir whilst she had chemo.
KM said she was inspired by my story of creating products for my son whilst he underwent chemo, so inspiring that she twisted it to suit her personal circumstances and publicised "her story" to the world.
How do you describes such a woman as I am lost of words here, ungrateful, greedy, dishonest, calculated, a liar, please help?
I spent my whole life savings to fight this legal action and won it twice at the costs of £320,000 in 2023. KMS claimed they don't have money to pay my legal costs and compensation.
KMS first year of turnover was over £600,000 according to their figures submitted to court. Where did all the money go? Please if you have any info on their assets like their house in Hawarden eg. did they move in 2014, did they say they own the house, who were the landlords as it was rented out when they moved out in Oct 2018 and do they still own the holiday home in Abersoch? Any info at all, please message me directly.
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