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Mission Statement

Our handmade natural & organic skin care products are formulated from botanically based or naturally derived ingredients. 

A fragrance can make one feel uplifted or calm and also it can promote a sense of well-being. At YNNY we only use IFRA - International Fragrance Association approved natural fragrance and essential oils, for the aroma-therapeutic benefits in product. Natural fragrances are usually from essential oils, which are limited to certain herbs, citrus, and flowers.

We only source ingredients from suppliers who adopt ethical working practices. Also we source them locally because we believe in supporting the local community and reducing our environmental footprint. 

At YNNY, we do not use water or thickeners purely to expand, cheapen, or dilute any formulas.

Our products are handmade using artisanal methods in-house and in small batches to ensure the products are fresh when they reach you. Colour and size variations may occur as all products are handmade. However, please be reassured that this does not affect the overall quality of the products.

We don't use boxes for our products because they do not add benefits or values to them. It’s a waste of your money and most of all saving our trees that are needed for our well - being. Most of our packaging that we are using is already made from easily recyclable materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET bottles). We are always on the look-out for ways to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. More importantly, we have been able to reuse over 90% of packaging that we received from our suppliers, so you might get your orders in a recycled box!

A number of our products have multiple uses because we believe in helping our customers, and also this makes them excellent for travelling. For example, our shampoo can be used as a shower gel and foam bath. We aim to avoid producing one product for one purpose just to encourage customers to spend more than it is necessary. 

We are passionate about all we do, so we would ensure our products are “skin kind” but more importantly, aiding the development of healthy skin and hair. The extensive unscented range of products is particularly suitable for people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as they have been developed with this in mind.

Our skin kind products do not contain petroleum, parabens, palm oil, paraffin, SLS, formaldehyde, genetically engineered ingredients and they are certainly not tested on animals, ever. Therefore they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Georgina Tang
Founder and Company Director
Yours Naturally Naturally Yours Limited - 2014