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Before and After Gallery

Welcome to our Before and After Photos Gallery from our brave customers. Most of these photos have been taken only after using our products a few times. 



Magic of organic lavender water cleanser and toner


Magic of Elixir

Magic of jojoba oil hair serum, ultra shampoo and conditioner
Magic of Elixir
Magic of Elixir on acne and acne scarring
Magic of Elixir on reducing fine lines and redness on skin
Magic of Elixir
Major transformation simply by using our ultra mild hair care products.
Using our latest new product, Elixir lash and brow serum
Using Elixir lash and brow serum on and off for 2 weeks.
Amy is using Elixir after radiotherapy and stem cell transport. Her skin looks fab!
Amy using Ultra mild shampoo and conditioner to aid healthy hair growth after chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell transplant
Nicola before and after photos of skin cancer treatment and her skin has been transformed by using our products: Foaming cleanser, Organic rose water, Enhanced collagen booster and Elixir.