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Georgina Tang

Posted on October 03 2018


Today we have been bottling the unscented cleanser and makeup remover, which required the use of the vacuum chamber to remove the excess air as shown in the photo.

The process to make this amazing cream cleanser is rather complicated. Firstly, we make the cream by heating up the water and oils separately to a certain temperature. Secondly, mix the two together but this doesn't happen all the time. Thirdly, allow the cream to cool down for 24 hours. Fourthly, fill the body of the airless dispenser one at a time using the filling machine. Fifthly, put several bottles into the vacuum chamber. Sixthly, shake bottle to remove air before putting the lid on. Seventhly, put batch number and expiry date label on. Lastly, clean bottle before putting the final label on.

We have 3 staff working as it's such a labour intensive process. At each stage of the process, individual staff will do a quality check to ensure the final product is of the highest standard. At YNNY, every one of us takes pride of our high quality natural & organic products, which are lovingly made by hands.

That's not all, each product will have to be assessed as safe before being sold on the market. For a water based product such as this, a rigorous test will have to be conducted in a laboratory over a period of 28 days. It's very difficult for handmade product to pass the lab test but we most certainly did with flying colours!!! This really demonstrates the high standard of the manufacturing and bottling process that we adopt.

Tomorrow, we will be making up the clay mask with hyaluronic acid and bottling on Friday.

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