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Organic Lavender Water Cleanser & Toner

Georgina Tang

Posted on September 29 2018

Organic Lavender Water Cleanser & Toner

(Cruelty free and vegan friendly cosmetics)

Yesterday, at production, I had to step in to work with my new member of staff due staff sickness at short notice. Therefore, I had to teach my new member of staff, as well as filling the bottles. Irrespective of the challenges, the two of us managed to fill 324 bottles of this wonder water in less than two and half hours. What an amazing team we are and absolutely fantastic team work!!!

Lavender floral water is an excellent tonic on the skin when you have blemishes or uneven skin tone. It boosts circulation, thereby increasing blood flow and ensuring that the skin cells receive adequate nutrition and oxygen, which in turn improve the overall skin health, as well as rejuvenate skin cells.

Its anti-bacterial properties help to kill bacteria in the skin to prevent acne and pimples, therefore, this product can also be used as a facial cleanser to remove dirt and confer extra radiance to skin. Lavender has the ability to remove the excess sebum, therefore, making this an ideal cleanser for young teenagers. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Lavender floral water provides soothing relief to mild cuts, burns and insect bites. With added glycerine, it boosts the moisturisation properties and hydrates the skin.

The organic lavender water cleanser & toner is a top seller, so very popular with our customers and private label clients. All 324 bottles from this batch will be for our private label clients.

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Georgina Tang

Founder and Creative Director

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