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Georgina Tang

Posted on September 22 2019


I won. Yes I won the Gratitude award but still I can’t believe it and try hard to take it all in. I feel so humble and overwhelmed to receive such an award. I can’t thank my friends enough who voted for me, supported and believed in me. You all have been amazing and being there for me.
A very special thank you to Helen Santangeli Mounsey and Sandra Andrew for helping me through the most challenging period of my life that lasted for quite a few years. You two picked me up when I was down and gave me all the time I required when I desperately needing a listening ear. I am filled with immense gratitude for your love and friendship over the years. You two deserved a medal from me, honestly no words could describe how grateful I am. Without you two, I really wouldn’t know if I would still be here.
Helen, we have been friends for over 30 years and I have no doubt that we will be friends for at least another 30 years. Send my dearest love to Ian who looked after me like a father and brother over the years, especially my cars, hahaha!
That’s not all, a very big heartfelt thank you to my very special friend who have been my guiding angel during a critical period of my life and who also accompanied me to the awards ceremony. You have been amazingly supportive in the short time we known each other.
Most of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Margaret and David Akerman who provided me a home, help and love when I was 16 and literally homeless. I owed my life to you two and 40 years later, you are still here for me and my son. I am simply in awe of your kindness and love gives to me so generously.
Finally, thank you to Amanda Rachel Moss for providing such a platform to celebrate the achievements of the inspirational extraordinary people here on Merseyside!!!
Sorry, I almost forgot to say thank you to Karen Hope who did my hair and makeup, you are a star for putting up with me! Also, my compliments to Ellen's bridal shop in Garston for making my beautiful evening dress with such passion and flare.

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