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Ladies lunch organised by Zoe's Place

Georgina Tang

Posted on October 11 2019

Ladies lunch organised by Zoe's Place

Supporting charities has always been very close to my heart, especially charities that provide care for children. This is because my son won’t be here without the constant care and support provided by #alderheyhospital for the past 16 years. Therefore, when Natasha of Zoe’s Place asked me to donate products worth a few thousand pounds to the Ladies Lunch, I agreed immediately. In addition, I took my amazing team of staff for lunch too and we all had a fantastic afternoon at the Marriot Hotel, Liverpool.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to my loyal staff who supported me through good and hard times. My business has achieved such phenomenal success in the past year is all down to you working as a team and foregoing break time on many occasions in order to finish the work.

I ended this fantastic day by promoting Carmel to Operations Manager in preparation for our move to the new business unit. Yes, my business has grown so much that we needed a bigger place and we are hoping to move into there in a few weeks’ time. New place and new chapter, I just can’t wait to see my products across the globe!!!

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