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Guess who’s back?

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on August 15 2022

Guess who’s back?

It's Pat Phelan from Coronation Street (Connor McIntyre), woohoo, soap royalty!!! He is not a villain at all but a genuinely nice person. We had quite a long chat as he is such an interesting person to talk to. He is one of the main actors of the feature film that my company is sponsoring. Therefore some of my products will be featured in this film, hooray!!!

This afternoon, I had the honour visiting the film production of Thomas, Our Kid and met a lovely amazing group of people at the film set including the one and only film director, Sean Cronin.

Took a photo with the author and one of the main actors, Daniel P Lewis and he is unbelievable talented. This is a very emotional and heart-breaking film, so please do take a box of tissue with you when you watch it next year.

Final photo is with Sharon and Daniel who are both main actors of this film.

I feel so blessed being able to see the film in action and being around with such lovely and welcoming people. Thanks to you Connor McIntyre aka Pat Phelan, I have been invited back this Friday with my young man to be film extras for the football scene, woohoo!!! Please could someone pinch me so that I know I am not dreaming?

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