Holiday closure-27 to 30, orders will be processed on 31-5. WE WON THE APPEAL AGAINST KATE MCIVER SKIN ON 19-12-23, READ BELOW, Get Collagen booster at 1/2 price when buy with Elixir, 50% off Clay mask with hyaluronic acid

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on June 12 2023

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Woohoo l am in Lavida Liverpool online magazine again and this time is all about me winning the ground breaking legal case against #katemciverskin who claimed to have created my Elixir aka Secret Weapon during chemotherapy. The true story is that I created Elixir in 2015 and I started to create skin kind products for my son when he underwent chemotherapy, which then turned into a full time business.
Despite the overwhelming evidence submitted to win this case, the other side had submitted an application to appeal against the decision, so here we go again, more fighting, stress and money on this, having already spent £200,000.
Fear not, hopefully their application is rejected and if not we will win again at the appeal.
Here's the link to the Secret weapon scandal article:

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  • Donna Faulkner: April 04, 2024

    Which of your products is the same as the original and the limited edition. My skin is dry but I also want to remove age spots. Anything for crepey arm skin

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