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Elixir - miracle in a bottle

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on September 17 2023

Elixir - miracle in a bottle
Obsessed with this amazing transformation from a lovely customer of Georginas from using Elixir.
The customer had Pompholyx (a form of eczema) on her hands and contact dermatitis from all of her hand washing. After just five days of using Elixir on her hands, which were painful and sore, they were almost completely cleared and hydrated.
The powerful multi-purpose serum with all natural ingredients includes Sea Buckthorn Oil and Olive Squalane – the unique formula is especially good in treating irritated skin or rashes, therefore, this serum is suitable for people with skin conditions. It’s also an amazing anti-aging serum and can be used on the face and neck to reduce pigmentation and acne scarring. Made with natural oils, the serum is superbly moisturising.
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