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A very happy birthday to my beautiful soul

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on September 09 2023

A very happy birthday to my beautiful soul
This afternoon we held an intimate party to celebrate my young man's 20th birthday at his favourite restaurant.
Months ago, he asked me what he wanted for his birthday, party at CK restaurant, birthday cake, candles and balloons and friends, not bothered about presents at all. He just wanted to have a good time with family and friends. Ahh also he asked me to dress him handsomely!!!
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we didn't have any candles and fortunately the restaurant has a few to spare and my young man loves blowing candles, so we asked the restaurant staff to light the candles again for him to blow. Hence there are two videos of him blowing the candles.
We all had a fantastic time all thanks to my young man as he paid for his own party!!

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