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Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on July 16 2023

Woohoo, The Chester Standard published an article this Thursday 13th July and the title is : "Chester cancer sufferer passed off an antiaging serum as her own".
This is about my legal victory against Kate McIver who claimed she created my Elixir whilst she had chemotherapy. Chester was the home town of Kate McIver and so pleased that the people there will finally find out the truth about the lies she told her customers and public.
I am absolutely over the moon that my legal victory has been publicised by so many newspapers and magazines after spending over £230,000 already and still not yet over. We have a long way to go as the other side is dragging the case on with an appeal, as they are not happy with the court decision to find KM lied and her company passing her copied serums as Elixir.
Here's the link to read the article:
Please feel free to share this post to spread the truth, thank you very much.

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