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An Emotional Day

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on July 20 2023

An Emotional Day

Alessio attended his last school day and I went in too, as it's an opportunity to thank all the staff and said our goodbye. Alessio started in 2013 in this well-known outstanding private school for children with Autism as a shy boy and he left as a confident young man!!! Time flies when he is having fun whilst learning, a decade has passed already.

Alessio is their longest pupil, as most students came after secondary school due to the high yearly fees, well over £50,000 per year.

Reflecting back, it seems like yesterday, summer 2013, the Inclusion Team was busy organising a taxi and chaperone for Alessio to take him to school. This was because I didn't want him to be a live in student despite the residential place has been rated outstanding by CQC year after year too.

Alessio should have left school last year but I made a strong application to stay another year. The Inclusion Team agreed as an exceptional case and this has never been done before. It was well worth my time spent in making this application and presented it during Alessio annual review. This also makes Alessio the oldest student in school, as he will be 20 in 4 weeks' time.

It has been a very challenging journey to get Alessio the help he needed and the assessments done since he was 2.5 years old. However I managed to get him statemented without a diagnosis and was granted maximum educational support before he turned 4.

I worked very hard with Inclusion officers and they always respected my wishes, as they knew I always done my research before approaching them. I am eternally grateful to them for listening and supporting Alessio and continue to do so as he moves to college in September.

Many came to say goodbye to Alessio and all said they will missed him dearly. Many said Alessio has such beautiful personality so no matter where he goes, he will be much loved. We hugged and tears came too. One teacher said Alessio is good at ceramics and yes she is right, look at what he made this year for me despite being off sick for a whole term.

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