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Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on May 19 2023

Breaking News

I guess some of you would have noticed that I have not been very active on here for the past eight months. The truth is that I have been involved in an intense legal action against an ex white label client Kate McIver who used to buy Elixir which she called Secret Weapon to resell to her customers. KM also claimed to have created Elixir whilst she had chemo back in 2016-17.

Since December 2018, I suffered silently as I kept it all to myself, except a few close friends. In early 2019, I almost had a nervous breakdown over this but I survived and fought back having spent a massive fortune on legal fees. It has been very challenging, especially during the three pandemic years and most of all, being the main wage earner, running my business and caring for Alessio at the same time. Very tough indeed!

In fact, I have been under extreme pressure for 4.5 years, thankfully, I am still running my business and it’s thriving, all thanks to my loyal supportive customers and my young man who kept me staying focus to take back what’s rightly mine and to be able to tell the world that I am the one and only creator of Elixir.

On 20th April, I finally received the decision from Judge Hacon on my four long year legal battle which I will post in more details tomorrow, so please watch this space. Also, there will be a press article being published and press release to all newspapers in the next couple of weeks.

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