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Update on fundraising campaign

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on November 19 2023

Update on fundraising campaign
In time of needs is when you find out who are my real friends and I did. This is because many didn’t even acknowledge me when I asked for help and they aren’t poor people. Obviously not friends now.
A massive thanks to my longest friend Peter and my sister for donating £100 each, together with friends and customers, a total of £756 have been raised. Thank you so much to all donors for your generosity. Also thank you to customer Glenys checking up on me with a beautiful bunch of flowers and really grateful for the 3 bags of groceries from my best friend too.
Received lots of supportive messages too.
“I used to use KM serum and I noticed but they have been out of stock for a long time they have ignoring my messages about when they would have it back in stock! I think just happened to google the other day if KM was closing or being discontinued and came across the details of your case against them? I was shocked………………….. Good for you for standing up for what’s yours!”
“Hi, I’ve just read the story about Kate McIver. I am so sorry. I’m a secondary breast cancer patient who had used her products. I’m absolutely shock to hear they are fake and have been selling your products as their own. I will let others know and will only buy from now on. I‘m so sorry but well done for fighting your corner until you got the result you deserved.”
“I just wanted to say help. I made an order this morning. I’ve been using Kate Mckiver serum. I’m so sorry wheat has happened I had no idea.
I have incurable breast cancer and was introduced to Kate Mckiver by another Kate.
Looking forward to getting my order. Hope all improves for you and you know karma is a bitch.”
“I just wanted to reach out and well seem strange but congratulate you on your win for the ownership rightly so of your product back and say how sorry I am you went through all of this.
I will 100% be purchasing from you. Best of luck with everything.”
“Hi Georgina, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for what you must’ve gone through the past few years fighting your ownership over your Elixir with Kate McIver Skin, I have been using KMS for years and feel quite shock that it’s been misrepresented as their own for so long and using someone’s cancer journey as its marketing ploy, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just purchased your Elixir offer! I had been waiting for McIver to restock it for months and googled them and this how I came across your story! This needs to be publicised more. Best wishes to both you and your son on reclaiming your company and success on such a wonderful product.”
“So sorry to hear what you’ve been through. I’ve used secret weapon for years on myself and my family. It’s my go to for everything from acne to sunburn. I’ve been trying to get hold of it for months and only saw the court case last night. I feel totally conned! Straight onto your site and bought some elixir! Hope all comes good for you now and you get the business you deserve. This stuff is amazing !!xxxx’
If you haven’t donate yet and here’s the link, if not buy a few raffle tickets or place an online.

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