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Too Good To Go app

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on January 12 2024

Too Good To Go app
Thanks to this app helping to save surplus food from going to waste, as I got lots of fresh juicy sweet oranges and vegetables via it. I am especially pleased with the exotic mushrooms such as the shiitake ones, wow my favourite! All these just for £3.09 from Morrisons and everything is in good condition. Root vegetables for a casserole and stirred fried mushrooms for lunch tomorrow.
I also did my shopping afterwards as there were bargains to be had in the evening. This is because food items get discounted in the evening. Therefore I spent little money but got almost two weeks of food shopping done.
I used the Too Good To Go app ordering surplus food in between going to Zero waste Liverpool and Incredible Edible Knowsley to feed my family. Thanks to these charities and projects, I can feed my family well in the past months despite living in a freezing cold house and surviving well!
Time is still very tough for us, having spent around £300,000 on legal costs and not received a penny from Kate McIver Skin after winning the appeal against them last month yet.
Highly recommend this app to anyone as it will definitely save you a small fortune, especially from my local Morrisons as they always give extras including food items that are not even expired!

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