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Time To Say Goodbye

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on December 17 2023

Time To Say Goodbye

No one know except for one friend knows that I am a Governor for Alder Hey Hospital for over 12 years in the Council of Governors, managing the hospital. Yes well over a decade and the time has come for me to say goodbye to the staff and executive management team, as Alessio has finally transitioned to adults services after being a patient there for almost 19 years! .

During my time as Governor, I worked with three different chairs including Angela who dealt with the organs scandals, Sir David Henshaw and now Dame Jo Williams, all outstanding leaders! Due to this, I have not been able inspect Alder Hey Hospital with the Care Quality Commission, another job that I do and love in addition to running my business. Great Ormond Street Hospital was my first hospital that I inspected back in 2015.

One achievement that I am proud of is the establishment of the Learning Disability team and improved services for children with disabilities, as this is one of my main goals joining the Council of Governors. 

It's very sad to leave Alder Hey Hospital as this has been the second home for Alessio but it's time for him to move on as he matured so much in the past year. Alessio and I will miss everyone in Alder Hey Hospital for sure. Good luck with the new neo-natal unit and no doubt it will be a success! .

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