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The making of Elixir

Georgina Tang

Posted on November 08 2020

The making of Elixir
As a weekend treat we would like to take you behind the scenes of our Elixir. Our Elixir is 100% hand made with natural ingredients. As you can see from the video a lot of effort goes into the production and to ensure unique freshness per product we only mix in small batches. These batches are all mixed by hand and bottles filled using the manual filling machine, one bottle at a time #qualityoverquantity ! The Elixir is also πŸ’― produced locally in the U.K. at our HQs in Widnes, Cheshire, not some dusty old factory 😁. Moreover, our hygiene standards are extremely high as cap, mask, gloves and gown are worn throughout the whole production process.
πŸ’«For face, hands and body
πŸ’«Dry, normal and combination skin types
πŸ’«Organic ingredients have now increased from 17% to 57%.
πŸ’«This luxurious highly concentrated age-defying serum is instantly absorbed when applied, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and radiant.
πŸ’«More importantly, it helps to soften fine lines and scars.
πŸ’«It may also help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
πŸ’« OUR ELIXIR AKA BOTOX IN A BOTTLE has been recently introduced to the gift box as requested by customers to give as gift to family and friends. We don't have boxes as a policy to be eco friendly but made an exception due to customers requests 😁

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