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Production line has began

Georgina Tang

Posted on February 18 2018

Production line has began

We are thrilled to announce that we invested in a bottle filling machine due to the expansion to increase and speed up our production to meet the demands. Started with making 20 bottles per batch, we are now aiming to make 200 per batch. This is a major milestone for us and the next step would be outsourcing our production to a manufacturing company or develops our own!

In the photo, our lovely Hayley was bottling one of the top sellers, the unscented facial cleanser & makeup remover.

To celebrate this major achievement, the first bottle filled by this machine was given to our lovely customer Klaudia Darbinova this Friday.

Thanks to our customers and clients for the support over the past years!!! We cannot be here without you, so thanks again!!!

 Georgina Tang

Founder and Creative Director

Yours Naturally Naturally Yours

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