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Our products featured in OM Yoga magazine

Georgina Tang

Posted on May 27 2021

Our products featured in OM Yoga magazine

Our latest creation, Enhanced collage booster launched only last December has been featured again and this time in OM Yoga magazine. Although a new product, it's already selling very well and many companies had this as white label product under their brand! This is because Enhanced collagen booster is highly effective at affordable price and lovingly handmade here in Cheshire by local people.

In addition, the ever popular Lava lip gloss, another new product has been mentioned in the same article too. Thank you OM Yoga for the shout out, greatly appreciated.

We are ecstatic that our natural & organic products are appreciated by such a popular magazine, as well as our loyal customers.

This month so far, we have two national magazines featuring our products already and as you know good things come in three. On Sunday, the one and only quality respectable newspaper "The Observer" will be featuring our company, isn't this amazing!!!! Never ever dream that we could make it to The Observer in a million years but we did it during a global pandemic too.

Just can't wait to read our story on how we started our company in The Observer this Sunday.

Here's the link for Enhanced collagen booster:

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