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One Proud Mum

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on March 30 2023

One Proud Mum
Despite suffering from severe vertigo, l made it to school assembly this morning for my young man.
Never thought my son would get an award, to my surprise, he received two awards this morning, one for Maths and the other Ceramic. Woohoo 🙌🙌🙌, l almost fell off my chair when the Head teacher announced he won the Maths award, so almost missed the opportunity to take photo of him receiving it.
I feel so very proud of my young man and so happy that all my hard work is paying off. Basically l spent my life and soul devoted in keeping him alive as l was told he won't live pass his first birthday. Also l was told he won't develop any further functioning between 1 - 1.5 years old and not able to speak.
Despite my own very difficult childhood where l was abused and tortured physically and mentally by my mother, l made a promise that l will devote my life to my own children in the future. This is because if l don't care, no one will, so l gave up my high profile position to look after my young man, slept 2-3 hours a day for his first 3 years. Life was extremely difficult but I never felt my actions were sacrifices, just focused on helping and developing him. Never explain, never complain and never ask for praises.
He is my goal and driving force despite lots of challenges, my business came about because l created hair and skincare to treat him when he underwent chemotherapy. Now my business is a legacy l want to leave to provide 24/7 hours care for him when l am not around.
Almost 20 years on, l never look back and feel l made the right decision for my young man and kept my promise made when l was a child only.
I am a thriver and won't let my sufferings define me nor would l see my responsibility being a mum as a sacrifice. I love my son and he's my only focus. I don't have time to get stressed or complain as l am too busy developing my son. I am very happy and run a successful business, all thanks to my young man. Most of all, he is thriving and so happy.
Children must be your priority, not you or anyone else. Life is challenging but never let this cloud your judgement, stay focused on your children and you shall succeed!

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