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Georgina Tang

Posted on December 20 2020


We are absolutely over the moon to announce that the long awaited, age-defying Enhanced Collagen Booster - Bioactive Serum has finally arrived after months of developing, testing and trialling it. The holy grail of collagen boosters with hyaluronic acid, L-arginine, aloe vera juice and vitamins C & B3.

We had many requests for a vitamin C plus hyaluronic acid serum over the years. Our Founder, Georgina decided against making a single action serum as she wants to help our customers save money by just buying one serum instead of a few of them. Therefore, she created one with super collagen production boosting ingredients and so our Enhanced Collagen Booster was born!

Clinical trial of two months has shown the following results:

  1. Severe sagging eyelids lifted slightly after each use and this continued to improve over the clinical trial period.
  2. Dark circles under eyes reduced.
  3. Sinking eye bags plumped up.
  4. Blemishes reduced.
  5. Firmer and clearer skin - participants could feel their skin firmer once the Enhanced Collagen Booster dried up.
  6. All participants felt their skin improved by using Enhanced Collagen Booster.

Please note that all participants used Elixir serum after Enhanced Collagen Booster.

If you would like more info on our Enhanced Collagen Booster - Bioactive Serum, please click the link below as it is now available to order:


This Christmas, why not give the gift of beautiful skin? Order yours by 21st December and it will be with you before Christmas!

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