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My life changing transformation journey

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on June 09 2024

My life changing transformation journey

I have been asked by many people to post my before and after photos as they can see that I look younger year by year despite being almost 61 soon. Today I finally have the courage to do it. .

Over the years, I have created many miracle products for my business and most noticeably my Elixir in June 2015. The reason why I created it was because the head shot photo (featured image) I received shocked me into creating Elixir. I was absolutely horrified to see I have sagging eye lids, relaxed muscles on my face and neck like turkey neck which made me looked bigger when I was only 8 stones in weight! I have been around 8 stones for decades and wear size 8-10 clothes. The first photo also made me looked like a middle age woman, yes I was 52 but do I want to look like 52, hey no thanks. I believe in growing old gracefully and beautifully!!! . In 2020, I created another miracle in a bottle- Enhanced collagen booster with hyaluronic acid as I noticed my muscles were getting a bit relaxed again. Thanks to these two miracle serums, I have no fine lines but only silky smooth firm glowing skin!

Photo below was taken December 2023.

After seeing these photos, what are waiting for, get yours by clicking the website link::



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