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Meet Alessio – the son of our founder, Georgina 💚

Georgina Tang

Posted on August 19 2020

Meet Alessio – the son of our founder, Georgina 💚


"I believe I can fly - Anything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself and others help you along the way."


Alessio is the inspiration behind Yours Naturally Naturally Yours, as not only did Georgina want to set up a company to leave behind a lasting legacy for her son, it was also during experimenting with treatments for him she discovered the amazing effects of natural and organic skincare for a range of conditions.


Born in 2003, Alessio was diagnosed with Severe Autism at a young age. This means he’s faced challenges and complex health needs growing up such as difficulty communicating, sensory difficulties and severe learning difficulties to name a few – but these have never stopped him living his life to the full.


He has also received chemotherapy for his Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, which resulted in him developing skin problems exacerbated by the treatment. Consequently, Georgina decided to make natural “skin kind” products to minimise effects, including different types of body butters and massage oils to relieve the issues with success - so much so that Alessio was discharged from the Dermatology department.


From here, she spent more time experimenting with the magic of natural skincare and its healing properties. Her products were so popular amongst family and friends, she decided to take it further and set up her own company – and Yours Naturally Naturally Yours was born.


It’s Alessio’s birthday at the end of this month, which is why we decided to make August our #monthofgiving – take a look at our recent posts for plenty of exciting competitions to get involved with!


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