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Important Announcement

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on March 09 2024

Important Announcement

This week I received notification that the advert for the winding up petition against Kate McIver Skin has been published on the London Gazette and therefore their bank account would have been frozen by now whilst we wait for the court hearing to approve the petition and appoint the Receiver.

In statements of CM: "It became apparent that Kate McIver Skin Limited as a business had, respectfully, outgrown Ms Tang as a private white-label supplier and staying with Ms Tang would have been damaging to the business."

“Kate’s story is fundamental to the business, its success, and is centre to its ongoing purpose.”

"the Kate McIver business became a national success story, with Ms Dyment's (aka McIver) business receiving coverage in the national press, and thousands of customers being inspired by her story." 

How interesting KMS is so big that they are now being closed down as they can't pay their debt to my company. . The moral of this story is NEVER build your business from someone else’s creation and look down at another company. More importantly, NEVER tell a false story based on someone else's suffering. I am utterly shock and disgusted to find out my story that I started created skin kind products for my son when he underwent chemotherapy was being used by someone else. Kate Eleanor McIver told the world that she created my ELIXIR aka SECRET WEAPON whilst she had chemotherapy. Can you see the similarity? The main moral of this story is that the truth always come out and it did! 

Five years on, the legal battle against KMS is still ongoing but hopefully just for a short while now! 

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