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I Won The Best Healthy Lifestyle Award

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on March 24 2024

I Won The Best Healthy Lifestyle Award
An absolutely fantastic night at the Lifestyle awards in Worsley Marriott, Manchester, all thanks to the fabulous Amanda Rachel Moss .
I must say that l didn't think l would win so when l heard my company is the winner, l was absolutely shocked in disbelief!
A massive thank to Amanda for allowing me to tell my story on stage and apparently everyone in the room went silent and listened attentively. Then after I finished, the room was filled with clappings and a standing ovation from everyone!!!
Afterwards many people came over and said they were inspired by my story and most of all my determination to continue the legal fight against Kate McIver Skin despite struggling to feed my family. One lady offered her legal service for free whilst another offered a free meal in Manchester!!!
Honestly what a fantastic night as always in Amanda's events, great food and entertainment but most of all, hilarious compere hosts with Amanda being one of them.
Thanks again Amanda!

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