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Georgina Tang

Posted on December 01 2020


After weeks of working on registering with Amazon as a handmade seller, I finally got approval, as Elixir went live yesterday and a featured product too!!!

It’s has been a challenging journey as my company was rejected at every stage of the process because it’s such a complex application. Amazon is extremely strict with handmade seller and checked everything with supporting evidence. For example, I had to provide photos of making Elixir and described the making process in details to them. In addition, it took a while for them to approve my brand – “YNNY”. Basically it’s like having my brand trademarked by Amazon, so no one can copy and sell my products on there.

Despite the stress and frustrations, it’s all worth it to finally see my signature serum, Elixir aka miracle in a bottle on sale at Amazon. Over the next few months, I will be listing more products onto Amazon and working with them to fulfil the orders.

I would like to ask a big favour from all my friends here, please could you help me to raise the ranking of Elixir by visiting Amazon via the link below to have a look, leave a review or indeed place an order. You are able to leave a review even without buying but do make sure to mention how long you have been using Elixir and buying it directly from YNNY. As a thankyou gesture, anyone leaving a review on Amazon will received a 15% discount off their next order.

Thank you very much for all your continual support.

Georgina Tang

Company Director


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