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Happy Birthday To My World

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on September 10 2022

Happy Birthday To My World

Fantastic weather, delicious food and wonderful company are all important ingredients of a FABULOUS birthday party. That's what my lovely young man wanted and he got it in abundance this afternoon!

Alessio has grown up massively and his confidence is helping him to cope with his phobias and fears so much better that he now has a very good quality of life like most teenagers. He even paid for the party with his own money using his card with my assistance.

This afternoon, he finally has the ability to blow out all his birthday candles without any assistance and not fear of people singing to him. Last year, l had to ask guests to sing quietly due his hypersensitivity to noise. Also he almost burst into tears when he blew out the candles as he was overwhelmed by so many guests (over 50) attending.

We definitely have come a long way and all the hard work that l put in to de-sensitize his phobias are paying off. I started doing this since he was about 4 despite not having any diagnosis. l knew he is suffering from severe phobias and had lots of melt-down, however l never gave up and continue to expose him to situations and equipment that he is petrified of. It was heart-breaking for me but l perseveres with my de-sensitization programme learnt from my Psychology degree. Year after year, l work with him despite overwhelmed with my own workload. Now he has grown into a fine young man enjoying his birthday party in a public noisy restaurant, surrounded by lots of people who love and adore him.

I am in awe of you my darling Alessio, happy birthday again and love you always and forever!!!


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