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Georgina Tang

Posted on September 12 2021

Today, I am totally exhausted having spending months organising the party for my happy young man, Alessio. For the 1st time, he requested a party with balloons to be held at #chungkurestaurant.
This is a very special milestone for Alessio as he wasn’t supposed to be born. Then when he did arrive in this world, I was told he wasn’t supposed to live past one year of age!
Not only Alessio has lots of serious medical conditions and has weekly injection. He also has severe #learningdifficulties, #autism and #sensoryprocessingdifficulties. At 4, I was told by his Educational Psychologist that he won’t grow anymore, functioning at around 18 months – 24 months.
I have never giving up on my little medical miracle despite what some professionals said about him. Look at him now, a handsome 18 years old “robust young man” as described by a consultant, reading like an 8 years old and achieved a basic qualification last year! Amazing achievement!!!
Alessio isn’t just a miracle man but an angel because he is such a loveable person with a beautiful soul as described by his former Teaching Assistant. He is loved by everyone who has any contact with him and touched by his loving caring character.
The birthday party was held yesterday and many people including some from faraway places joined us to celebrate this special occasion and what fun we all had! Alessio enjoyed himself so much and asked me if he could have another 18th birthday party again. That’s how fantastic the party was.
A special 11 course traditional Chinese banquet fit for an Emperor was served starting at 1.30pm and finally finished at around 5pm. The dishes were so good that hardly anything left on the plates! Followed by the absolutely delicious cake by #bonbonbakery. They made this special cake for Alessio. Freddie had been with Alessio for over a decade and died after he turned 16 last year. They used to sleep together despite being allergic to dogs. The 10 lbs cake was finished quickly and nothing left.
I have had many challenging years and continue to have challenging situations to deal with but I never look back - the worries, sleepless nights and stress because my young man health & happiness is my driving force. A very happy 18th birthday to my lovely sweetie BoBo. Bobo means precious baby in both Chinese and Italian.
Again thank you to everyone who joined us on this special occasion and also thanks to Chung Ku Restaurant as well as Enchanted Bowtique for the fantastic balloon arch.

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