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Georgina Tang

Posted on November 06 2021


Unfortunately my personal Facebook account had been hacked into and taken over by a hacker since yesterday afternoon.

It has been a stressful time trying to contact Facebook security to recover my account and at the same securing the business Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If anyone who is friend with me on my personal Facebook account, please could you report it by going to my stolen Facebook page: ,underneath the Cover photo, next to Message, click ...  which give you a drop down menu, select "Find support and report profile, then select "I want to help", then select "Hacked" and finally select "Done". Please do not report someone is pretending to be me.

You can report to Facebook whether you are friend with me or not. Cover and profile photos had been removed, just had Company Director of Yours Naturally Naturally Yours Ltd., however you might still see all my photos there as all posts are shared across all the social media platforms.

Some of you whom I shared conversations on Messenger might be blocked by the hacker to prevent you from reporting to Facebook. In this case, please go to the conversations on Messenger to access my profile, at the bottom, you will see and select "Something's wrong", then select "Other" and then select "Hacked" near the bottom of the page.

The more people reporting to Facebook, the quicker I get my personal Facebook account back. Therefore, many thanks for your anticipated help and cor-operation.

Georgina Tang

Company Director of YNNY Ltd.

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