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Georgina Tang

Posted on May 06 2021


Thanks to my lovely hairdresser for this stunning new hairstyle which is perfect for my rain hat! I had to bring out my autumn hat with this horrible weather and it’s May!!! She simply couldn’t get over the fact that I have such long hair and last time she saw me was 7 months ago.

I received lots of lovely compliments when I went to the Post office soon after I had my hair done this afternoon.

Our hair plays an integral part in how we feel about ourselves and the confidence we have to face the world. If, for whatever reasons, our hair is thinning or not as healthy as we would like, it can be emotionally devastating.

I myself went through that back in 2003, losing nearly 60% of hair permanently after given birth to my young man. Apparently this is one of the side effects of child birth! I used to have beautiful long hair but had to cut it short and permed it to create volume. I tried many well-known hair products on the market to regrow my hair but nothing worked.

My hair began to grow a bit when I started using my own ultra mild shampoo and conditioner created these for my son who underwent Chemotherapy in 2013. Thanks to these “hair saving” products, my young man has beautiful glossy hair as you can see from the photo below.

In 2015, a beautician friend asked me to help her, as she had a big bold patch on her scalp and Revive hair serum was born. Miraculously, the bold patch was completely covered with new hair within 4 weeks using Revive hair serum, ultra mild shampoo and conditioner! We both couldn’t believe how powerful my hair products are and obviously she was over the moon with the result.

I have been using Revive hair serum ever since and my hair just keep growing and growing, despite losing massive amount of hair daily due to the aging process. It is a well-known fact that we start losing hair permanently from 50s onwards whilst some start from their 40s. I guess you haven’t forgotten that I turned 58 years 3 weeks ago but my hair is healthier now than when I was younger. During the lockdown, I ate very healthy and my hair and nails grew longer and longer!

This amazing Revive serum is heavily loaded with Sea buckthorn oil, the King of oils, which is packed with high volume of Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 and vitamins needed to promote healthy hair and skin. Also, it contains polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, which help to improve overall hair health and lend themselves to provide a healthy and natural looking shine. Sea buckthorn oil is known to protect, detangle, repair and condition hair, so to leave your hair silky & strong

My advice to all, look after your hair well because if you lose it, it could be permanent.

If you need some advice on hair issues, please do message me or go to the website to have a look at my pH natural haircare range:



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