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Fantastic Review

Georgina Tang

Posted on November 16 2019

Fantastic Review

Lots of love from Pakistan for our Ultra Mild Shampoo and Conditioner set:

🍁Today lets talk about this amazing combo of hair care Shampoo and Conditioner by @yoursnaturallynaturallyyours
🍁I love hair care products my hairs is very frizzy or thin, I've been using them for 4 weeks. Now each time I’ve washed my hair I’ve used this shampoo followed by a small amount of this conditioner and rise it out
🍁And I'm in love with my hairs, I can clearly see the difference as my hair has become smooth, shiny and healthier...it works for all hair types
🍁This amazing combo work very well for me. They have an enveloping scent of tropical flowers which last for hours in the hair.

Thanks to @ishablogs for the amazing review 💚 Fancy winning a set for yourself as well as our Jojoba Hair Oil? Check out our previous post for all the details on how to enter…

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