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Georgina Tang

Posted on July 19 2020


"I was lucky enough to win these skincare products from @yoursnaturallynaturallyyours. I've been using them for about a month now so I thought it was a good time share a review.
I'd never heard of these products before I came across them on Instagram. I have to confess, I usually buy skincare in Boots or Debenhams so rarely see beyond the big names. I was excited to try a small business' offering, and the use of natural ingredients was a positive.
The cleanser and toner are both lovely. They remove all of my make up and leave my skin soft and with none of the redness I sometimes get from my previous micellar cleanser.
The mud mask comes as a powder which you mix with water. I think I made mine a bit too watery as it didn't really sit on my face like a mask, but nonetheless I stood and massaged it into my face for a few minutes before rinsing. It left my skin feeling really clean and beautifully soft, again with no irritation.
I've been using the Elixir each morning, and so at night before bed on the 5 nights a week I don't apply retinol. Although it's too soon to properly confirm the anti-ageing properties, I have found that it absorbs into my skin really well and I've noticed an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin, as well as fewer hormonal spots. I think it balances out the harsher effects of the retinol, ensuring my skin stays well-hydrated. A few drops goes a long way.
Overall, I'd give this brand 10/10. The products work really well and I think the use of natural ingredients really shines through in how kind they are to my skin. They're also very reasonably priced. I'm going to order some more of the range (there's haircare and more available!) and give those a try too.
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