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Georgina Tang

Posted on June 16 2019


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First, let's talk about about the EXFOLIATING MASK with anti aging properties. I'm not a person who likes physical exfoliators. I find them too harsh on my dry, mature skin.
Oooh, is this one different! It's a dry formula that you mix yourself by adding water (extending the shelf life). Every thing about this product screams "soothing skin care". It didn't dry out my skin or feel scratchy/rough, just a beautiful product.
My teenage daughter (combination/acne prone skin) also used this and said it was so soothing and deep cleansing.
92.5% Organic.

Next, the anti aging ELIXIR. I have a feeling this is now my holy grail oil. The ingredients are elegant and skin nourishing. It's not easily absorbed if you apply too much but you only need 1 squirt.
The delivery system is not the usual dropper. It is a pump style. This is to ensure the integrity of the oil and to prevent the introduction of any germs. 
This oil is famous for it's effectiveness against acne scarring

Lastly, the ORGANIC ROSE CLEANSER & TONER. I'm really enjoying this. It has a light rose scent and is wonderfully hydrating. The fist ingredient in this is Rosa Damask (Rose) Floral Water followed by Glycerine.
96% Organic 

Would I repurchase? Yes


This beautiful oil was created by Georgina Tang @www.ynny.
Her son was hospitalised due to a life threatening illnes and he required chemotherapy treatment.
Whilst this was occurring and because of it, Georgina formulated this oil.
Although the ingredients are visible for all customers to see only Georgina knows the actual formula. 
A well known brand copied the Elixir (which became a success) but the TRUE elixir belongs firmly to the wonderful Georgina Tang and her equally excellent brand name - yours naturally naturally yours.

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