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Fab Review

Georgina Tang

Posted on January 15 2021

Fab Review
Thank you @rubymedlockk for your review!
PR: @yoursnaturallynaturallyyours🌛🌜
Goodmorning. Hope you are all fit and well today! I’ve been using @yoursnaturallyyours ‘Enchanced Collagen Booster’ and ‘Elixir Serum’ for only a few weeks now and the results for my skin type were practically instant! I personally have suffered with terrible dark circles for years and i don’t wear face make up whatsoever so it got to the point where my skin just looked and felt too unhealthy. @yoursnaturallyyours do all sorts of different incredible skin and hair care, treat yourself🧖‍♀️you deserve it🤍.
Just wanted to say you don’t need to change your skin, everyones skin and body is beautiful in their own way. Please don’t be ashamed of your flaws...it makes you unique, your skin is beautiful, you can be pretty with or without make up!🌿✨

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