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Extra Extra Read all about it!

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on August 04 2023

Extra Extra Read all about it!
I am absolutely over the moon to receive the latest copy of La Vida Liverpool magazine which contain the article about my legal victory against #katemciverskin - page 80 - 81. This court case is not over yet as the other side has submitted an appeal against the decision. Therefore any support such as ordering via our website or having white label will be greatly appreciated because legal action is extremely expensive, having already spent £230,000.
A massive thanks from the bottom of heart for your support over the years and your continual support is needed more so now, therefore please help at any way you can.
Honestly, I am actually dumbfounded on this legal action where I spent so much money to reclaim something that I created, which is Elixir. As some of you are aware the whole case rests on my creation, Elixir aka miracle in a bottle that can transform your skin. Kate McIver claimed she created and made it with her own hands whilst she underwent chemotherapy. Judge Hacon found Kate McIver claim to be false and used this to market her copied serums (Secret weapon limited edition and Secret weapon original) based on my Elixir using another manufacturer and passed them off as Elixir.
If you haven't bought an Elixir, I would highly recommend that you do quickly because you are missing out the holy grail of antiaging serum as commented by many!
Here's the website link to get your Elixir:
Get Elixir and Enhanced collagen booster at half price via Elixir.
Here's the link to the article on La Vida Liverpool:

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