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Elixir - the age-defying serum

Georgina Tang

Posted on March 01 2018

Elixir - the age-defying serum

Today, it's Elixir's day, 200 hundreds bottles so far and our staff is still on the bottling filling machine.

This highly concentrated serum contains oils with high level of GLA which is essential for skin to stay supple and smooth. It promotes collagen and elastin production. Therefore, it helps to regenerate, hydrates, nourish & moisturise the skin. It also replenishes and retains the moisture providing plumpness to skin, as well as softens the appearance of fine lines, blemishes & scars. That's not all, it shrinks large pores and great on burns too.

Get your order in quickly for this wonder serum before they are gone!!…/s…/products/elixir-anti-aging-serum

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