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Georgina Tang

Posted on July 03 2019


Wow, it's 4 years already since I officially launch my little bottle of miracle/botox/magic, Elixir, not only has this becomes the top seller in my skin care range, it has actually taking the beauty and cosmetics industries by storm. Hopefully it will be on sale across Europe via an international cosmetics company. Customers from Europe are able to order now via the website.

Little did I know Elixir is such a miracle serum when I created it back in May 2015? A powerful multi-purpose serum that is highly effective in reducing fine lines, scars, acnes, blemishes, pigmentation, burns and also highly moisturising leaving your skin glowing with health. Basically turning back the aging clock for many happy customers including myself.

Back in 2015, my business was only a little hobby to make products to help my son with his medical problems but 4 years on, a limited company employing several staff and rebuilding the factory in August.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone who helped me in this amazing and yet challenging journey, as without you, YNNY wouldn’t be here.

To celebrate this momentous moment, I am giving a massive discount of 20% to all customers for the whole of July. The discount will be automatically applied at Check-out.

Sorry I know today is 3rd July not 28th June, unfortunately I just seen this memory popped up and I can’t simply let this goes without a mention as Elixir is truly the holy grail of skin care products of the century!

Thank you again to all my lovely supporters.


Georgina Tang

Founder and Company Director

Yours Naturally Naturally Yours Limited

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