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Georgina Tang

Posted on February 03 2018


We are absolutely thrill to announce that traffic to our website is in the top 19% of stores that launched the same week as us and we managed to maintain this position for over a year now.

What's more, our website has one of the best conversation rates in the health and beauty last month. In other words, our online business is doing better than some of the well established companies during January when this is the worst month of the year for most businesses.

In recent months, our wholesale business has expanded rapidly and so therefore we now have a small staff team rather than a team of one to cope with the demands. We are truly grateful to our customers and clients for helping and supporting us to grow our business over the years in this challenging economic environment!!! Without your support, we will have no business, so a big thankyou to you all from the bottom of my heart!!!

 Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!



Founder and Creative Director

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