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Georgina Tang

Posted on January 06 2019


Today, I would like to share with you a review from a very special brave young lady who messaged me on Christmas Day.

I did the Christmas Giveaway for 9 days last year and instead of one winner each day, I decided to have two winners. The reason behind was the comments that I received touched my heart so much so I wanted to reach out and help some of these people.

Our confidence is often affected by how we look and that is why many of us spend a fortune on expensive branded skin care in order to look good. Unfortunately, I have heard too many of my customers say that they did not work despite the miracle claims until they changed over to my brand.

Pip’s mum was one of the winners and she explained in a personal message: “She has acne not only on her face but on her chest and her back. It’s heart breaking. She covers what she can with make up but is so sad really to see just how much she has been bullied and what she has had to deal with through something that nature has given her. Her baby acne at 9 was due to her bad case of Chicken pox as it was so bad her skin is oily.”

After hearing that, I sent her skin care products (Organic lavender cleanser & toner, Sandalwood face mask and Elixir serum) that are great for oily and acne-prone skin instead of the anti-aging kit.

On 25-12-18, Pip messaged me: “I have been using your wonderful gifts for a few days now. My skin feels absolutely AMAZING. I love the face mask and the Elixir gives my skin the moisture that it needs. I can’t thank you enough. Merry Christmas. Love Pip.

I was bullied horribly at school to the extent my ma nearly had to put me in hospital because I stopped eating. I blamed myself at the time as I was so young.

It’s not the best picture but you can the difference.

I can’t thank you enough. I have had years of antibiotics, drinks of skin detox, creams, lotions and covering my face in make up to try and hide my skin. Your products really do work and I can’t thank you enough. Xx

This is me in primary school when I first broke out when my little sister was born.”

 As you can see from the photos, Pip is not only a beautiful young lady and a brave one too. Bullying is not acceptable and to bully someone to a level where she stopped eating is utterly unbelievable in this day and age. I am just lost for words. How could someone or some people be so cruel to another person? Yes, I was a victim too when I was in school for being too skinny, beautiful and clever. Therefore, I truly understand what Pip gone through.

From this heart breaking/warming review, I truly believe we as parents have an important role to play in instilling kindness and tolerance to our children. This is because I am a mum with a child with severe Learning Difficulties & Autism, as well as complex medical & educational needs. I am very proud to say that my son is the kindest and most loving person in this world and everyone who has any contact with him adores him. He can’t speaks too well as he has communication difficulties but this doesn’t stop him from having a wonderful sense of humour!

Fortunately, this story ends on a positive note, as my skin care products have given back Pip the confidence that she lost due to the bullying and acne problems.

Please remember kindness and tolerance don’t cost a penny, so be kind to everyone you meet.

 Have a wonderful day everyone!


Georgina Tang

Yours Naturally Naturally Yours




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