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Unscented 3 in 1 lotion, facial cleanser and make-up remover - new addition to the skincare range

Georgina Tang

Posted on July 12 2015

Due to popular demand from our customers, we added the unscented 3 in 1 lotion, facial cleanser & make-up remover to our skincare range. It is a fantastic product, as it cleanses and moisturises your skin at the same time. It is also an excellent make-up remover, as the lotion is silky soft and gentle as it contains no alcohol.

This product can be used as a lotion on face, hands and body, and is particularly suitable for young teenagers or people with oily skins.

Next week we will be launching the organic rose floral water facial toner on our website to complete the skincare range, so watch this space.

Both the facial cleanser and organic rose floral water facial toner have been on sale at craft fairs and they have are proving to be very popular with our customers for the past month. They are also on sale at Tan Liverpool, 102 County Road, Liverpool, L4 3QN and at Angel Rose Fitz Skincare.

Just a short reminder to inform everyone that the introductory offer for Elixir, the skin rejuvenating and anti-aging serum will end at midnight today, so if you want to save some money, please place your order quickly on the website or to the above mentioned retailers. You can find the serum under the skincare section.


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