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Fantastic review

Georgina Tang

Posted on April 05 2020

Fantastic review
Opening a new product always excites me, I am curious, I want to know what the texture is like, what it smells like, if it is perfect on my skin and if the results will be what I am looking for.

After discovering YNNY, I was excited to try their Rich Face Cream and I was not disappointed.

The texture is perfect for me - thick but easy to spread and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling and after hours and hours of application you will find that it is still working for you.

You will feel your skin still soft and the delicate perfume of lotus still intense, elastic skin, super hydrated and nourished.

Ideal as a day or night face cream or as a make-up base, I prefer to use it as a day cream because I like the feeling I get if I run my hand over my face, caressing velvet. What makes it special? The love of a mother and her assets

- Organic shea butter rich in antioxidants that delay aging and soften the skin
- Safflower oils, olives and rice bran rich in vitamin E and oleic acid useful for reducing pigmentation and highly moisturising
_ Organic rose water that firms and tones and thanks to its antiseptic properties helps prevent acne and pimples
_ Organic rosemary leaf water is a powerful antioxidant, useful for toning, cleansing and purifying

Thank you @mgmondovegetale for the fantastic review of our Rich Face Cream 🙌

Shop today at www.ynny.co.uk 🐰

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