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Georgina Tang

Posted on May 19 2019


Our top seller, Exfoliating face mask with antiaging properties has received a fab review from USA. 
Here's the full review:

🌱I am so impressed with this face mask from @yoursnaturallynaturallyyours .⠀
The directions on the container recommend applying the mask and leaving it on your face for 5-10 minutes, so that’s what exactly i did i left it on for about 10 minutes. Before rinsing it off, i gently gave massage on face while it was on to remove the dead skin cells, and it rinsed off easily.⠀

🌱After the first use, I could feel a difference, my skin looked so fresh and healthy with absolutely no discomfort or redness at all.⠀

🌱I do use natural facial serum (Elixir-Anti-aging & skin rejuvenating) afterwards from the same brand as the face scrub. I will talk about it soon on separate post. At this point I am very happy with the results and i would recommend it.⠀

🌱92.5% naturally organic ingredients.⠀

🌱Great for people with acne prone skin.⠀ Reposted from @rimsspace

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