Tropical Paradise Soy Wax Candle


Tropical paradise as in its name, a zesty scent of orange, lime, mandarin, peach, nectarine, cassis and mango, which is good enough to eat. The scent is instantly released and lingers in the air, and can be smelt for hours after the flame has been extinguished. A fruity soy candle that burns well and last for many hours, allowing you to enjoy the relaxing candle and scent.

A beautiful candle presented in a lidded vintage glass jar enclosing a white coloured soy wax topped with an orange colour pattern and glitters; finished with a colour matched ribbon. Also available in seamless clear lidded aluminium tins in various sizes.

Tea light                                   -18g   (6-8 hours)

Clear lidded aluminium tin      - 40g   (10-12 hours)

Clear lidded aluminium tin      - 95g   (20-23 hours)

Clear lidded aluminium tin      -190g  (28-32 hours)

Lidded vintage glass jar         -220g  (33-35 hours)

Please note that the fragrance throw of the tea light is not representative of that of the larger candles in tins due to its size.

All the candles are handcrafted individually, so variations in colour, pattern and weight are perfectly normal and do not affect the overall quality of the products.


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