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Beyond Van Gogh Exhibition

Georgina Y M Tang

Posted on July 05 2024

Beyond Van Gogh Exhibition
Oh wow what an amazing experience at the Van Gogh show!
I actually have seen Van Gogh paintings in Amsterdam many years ago and was amazed by the vibrant colours and strokes of his paintings. Very child like, a complete contrast to his friend, Gauguin whom l love too
It was due to his disagreement with Gauguin that Van Gogh cut off his ear.
A massive thank to the people behind this exhibition and bring Van Gogh paintings to life where you can immerse yourself in them. Awesome work 👍
Highly recommended and it's worth every penny.
At the end of the show, l simply can't resist Van Gogh's most famous painting - The sunflowers, not the painting obviously, l bought a mug and a hoodie whereas my young man chose the painting of iris one.
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